7.30am - Ease into Monday Yoga - YMCA Bath  

6.30pm - Hatha Yoga - Class Bath

7.45pm - Gentle Yoga - Class Bath

7.00pm - Dynamic Yoga Flow - YMCA Bath                         
8.00pm - Yoga Nidra- YMCA Bath

12.30pm - Yoga - YMCA Bath
7.00pm - Yoga (shared with Sarah)- Bath Spa Hotel


10am - Yin Flow - Yoga Bodhi

7.30am - Warm Fiery Flow Yoga  - YMCA Bath    


4.00pm - 5.30pm Yin / Restorative Yoga and Nidra - 1st Sunday of the month - 

A once a month treat to relax and restore body and mind for the month ahead! 

Plus other occasional classes across Bath and guest teaching. 

Which class is for you? 

My classes are designed to be accessible to everyone - if you have been a little put off by the whole Instagram perfect body and perfect yoga pose super yogi thing - fear not! Yoga is great fun and a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy. Working on your breathing and moving naturally with your breath is simple and carries huge health benefits. I do not use sanskrit and encourage you to move with ease and simplicity. Music is part of the class and I tend to use regular music playlists for my dynamic / sunrise / Hatha style classes - then switch to more chilled playlists for the more gentle and relaxing classes. I often have as many men as women in the classes and always a mix of people who are 'new to yoga' to those who 'can't get enough yoga' - and it all works well. We work, we breath, we relax and often laugh! 

Ease into Monday

A lovely gentle start to the week at 7.30am on a Monday. This is the perfect class to coax you into the week ahead with gentle stretches and a little flow.  This class is suitable for all levels including beginners / new yogis. 

Dynamic Yoga Flow

As the name suggests, this class is fairly fast moving – you will leave feeling like you have exercised as it is physically challenging. It incorporates a variety of yoga postures and combines in some fitness work too. This is a class that is designed to develop strength, flexibility and endurance. We move from posture to posture using the breath and ease of movement to flow and sequence together complimentary movements that may at times challenge but will always be fun. 

This class is most suitable for people who have some previous fitness or yoga experience – but there will always be options to make the class work for you. 

Cost: £7 for non YMCA Bath Group members

Yoga Nidra

This is a wonderful class to immerse yourself into complete relaxation. Often referred to a yogic sleep, it allows participants to find a state between sleep and wakefulness allowing you to tap into the subconscious and unconscious mind. The class is 100% relaxation so wear warm and comfortable clothes. Participants tell me they always sleep better after doing this class and just feel like they have nurtured themselves in the midst of busy lives. Perfect! My Nidra classes are always done by candlelight and warm blankets are provided. Apparently a Nidra class can give the same benefits as 4 hours of deep restful sleep! 

Cost: £5 for non YMCA Bath Group members

Gentle Yoga

Yay – a free class or by optional donation to the YMCA’s charitable work. Myself and YMCA Bath Group health & wellbeing centre have got together to offer a free gentle yoga class. The aim being that it would give everyone the opportunity to try yoga – allowing the class to be truly inclusive. It is a gentle class designed to move with ease and freedom between postures, restoring and balancing the body and mind. Accessible for all levels of practitioners, from complete beginners to the more experienced yogi. 

Cost: Free or by optional donation to support the charitable work of YMCA Bath Group – predominantly working with vulnerable young people.  Please donate if you can! 


A restorative class where postures are held for a longer period of time, to allow the body to settle into the pose with an emphasis on softening, patience and kindness to ourselves. A lovely simple form of yoga using props such as bolsters and blankets ~ to support and nurture us. It is slow, soft and relaxing. 


These classes incorporate Hatha yoga with flowing sequences designed to build strength, flexibility and endurance. You will learn many of the popular poses we see today and be shown techniques to start to develop your yoga practice. The classes will also normally include a relaxation period towards the end of the class to calm both the body and mind. Suitable for participants of all levels. 

Cost: £6 - £7  for non YMCA Bath Group members; 

Bath Spa Hotel classes are free to Spa members, non members should contact the Spa reception for more information.. 

Friday Fierce Flow 7.30am

Without the intensive heat of hot yoga, these warm flow classes are perfect for the chilly mornings but also a great way to build up a sweat in the warmer months. A vinyasa-based practice incorporating popular postures sequenced to offer some challenges and a whole lot of fun. You will leave feeling ready to launch yourself into your perfect day. 

Cost: £6 for non YMCA Bath Group members

Children's Yoga

I teach Children's yoga for a variety of clients and YMCA Bath. I teach in the YMCA nurseries across Bath and Wiltshire and we are looking to expand this area of work in the future.


108 Sun Salutations

Every Summer and Winter Solstice we celebrate this special time with  108 Sun Salutations at YMCA Bath. Due to the business of the studio we normally opt for the nearest Tuesday night class - as this gives up plenty of time to complete the 108 and stretch out after and enjoy a little relaxation. We do this by candlelight and whilst it is without doubt a challenge - it is a wonderful moving mediation and you only do what you want to do!

Next dates: Tuesday June 18th at 7.00pm at YMCA Bath

Monthly Restorative Yin and Guided Meditation, 4.00pm - 5.30pm YMCA Bath:

On the first Sunday of each month I lead a Yin Yoga and Guided meditation at the YMCA at 4pm for an hour and a half. Themes for this years classes are:

Sun 6th Jan Setting kind intentions

Sun 3rd Feb Heart openers

Sun 3rd Mar Embracing change

Sun 7th Apr Hip openers

Sun 5th May New Moon

Sun 2nd June Self Compassion

Sun 7th Jul Inner Fire

Sun 4th Aug And breathe…

Sun 1st Sep Fresh starts

Sun 6th Oct Letting Go

Sun 3rd Nov Nourish, nurture and heal

Sun 8th Dec Hygge style Christmas rest

booking advisable at YMCA Bath (www.ymcabathgroup.org.uk) 

Hygge style Christmas rest - Yin Yoga and Guided Meditation

Sunday 8th December 2019 4pm - 5.30pm

Back by popular demand - a sell out success last year - this is a delightful class of restorative yin yoga followed by half an hour of guided meditation / yoga nidra. The studio will be set up with candles and fairy lights to ensure a true hygge feeling. Join me for an hour and a half of festive rest.

Places are limited so book your place with at the Health & Wellbeing reception or contact Katie, YMCA Class Coordinator on katieevans@bathymca.co.uk. Last year we had to turn people away so be sure to get booked on.


For information on our Narnia themed yoga mini retreats in a day - see the retreats section!

For the second year in a row we have run our very special Narnia themed mini retreat at Barley Wood in Wrington, Bristol. This last one was even better than before and the Saturday and over night options selling out super fast! It will return again in 2019 - provisional dates Saturday 30 Nov and Sun 1st Dec. More information in the Spring!  

See the Private Clients section for more information on workshops and retreats I can deliver for you!

An afternoon of fairytales, yoga and relaxation - a wonderful way to immerse into Hygge. Please make it last longer next time!
— Polly
A wonderful treat - I loved the fairytale, the yoga and the long relaxing Nidra.
— Emma
I have been doing the 108 Sun Salutations with Trish at the YMCA for a few years now and wouldn’t miss it. I love the challenge and the feeling when I have completed them and can relax. Trish always makes the event special, be it candles, sayings, the relaxation or a little gift - I always walk away feeling great!
— Claire